Whatever the philosophers may say, it remains true that, from the first hour of man's waking consciousness until that consciousness ceases, his most ardent desire is to be happy, and that the moment of his most profound regret is when he becomes convinced that on this earth perfect happiness cannot be found.

Carl Hilty in Happiness: Essays on the Meaning of Life

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Carl Hilty (28 February 1833 – 12 October 1909) was a Swiss philosopher, professor, politician, writer, and lawyer. He famously said: "Peace is only a hair's breadth away from war." Although a Christian, he was no pacifist, and expected the coming world war. He also served as a high officer in the Swiss Army. He was married to a German wife named Johanna Gaertner. Hilty was a spokesman for women's rights to vote and to be elected, several decades before the subject became mainstream. Hilty argued that Switzerland, as a nation-state comprising several nationalities and languages, had a unique mission of demonstrating that a nation-state could transcend tribal tendencies.Carl Hilty was born in Ort Werdenberg, Switzerland, and studied at the Universities of Göttingen and

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